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Jamie Raizin has over two decades of experience representing people like you, their families and friends in their personal life, at work and/or business.  He could help you too!

Raizin is smart, diligent, trustworthy and a problem solver.  His experience is vast and stems from hard work in school and in business.  He attended SUNY Binghamton – Harpur College (now known as Binghamton University) where he studied economics and business.  Raizin then attended Brooklyn Law School, a highly regarded law school that has graduated many of the state’s top lawyers and renowned judges.

He worked at the Enforcement Division of the New York Stock Exchange and also at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  Following law school, he worked for another attorney that had a concentrated practice in real estate closings, but took in any case.  Jamie, as a young new attorney, had to figure it all out.  He excelled at this.  He had an arsenal of weapons at his disposal. Such as, his studies, smarts and a suite full of other law firms with attorneys and staff which were more than happy to answer his questions and mentor Raizin.  This has made him a successful attorney.

For several years, Jamie Raizin served as a Judicial Hearing Officer.  He was specially trained and presided over hundreds of cases where homeowners petitioned the court to challenge the assessment on their real property as determined by the Assessment Review Commission.

For over 20 years Jamie Raizin has successfully represented clients from all walks of life in their daily journey.  He provides solutions to current problems and also educates and prepares clients to avoid future problems.

Jamie Raizin has been successful for his clients when they could not do it for themselves and, at times, other attorneys failed them.  He’s obtained settlements on personal injury actions from insurance companies on policies when they had a no pay positions. He had, among 1000’s of dismissed tickets, a 146 mph ticket dismissed with no points, no fine and no record.  He has protected clients from creditors.  Raizin saved one client by filing his bankruptcy petition and then he represented the client on the purchase of his first home about a year later.  Raizin discovered an insurance company lied about an insured’s policy in a personal injury action and then settled the case for 50% more than the stated limit. Raizin has been called upon by drivers that plead guilty to tickets, paid fines and later realized they made a mistake when they couldn’t get a job they wanted, or got another bill for a NYS Civil Responsibility Assessment. Raizin has been very successful in vacating and setting aside their guilty pleas, reopening the matters and then resolving the case so that the original charge could be fought.  He is frequently approached by people years later that thank him and praise him for saving their jobs, their livelihood or money.  One young man became a Fed-Ex driver; another became an officer of the NYPD. They said they would not be where they are today without Jamie Raizin.

Jamie Raizin has experience and skills.  He has helped so many people.  Let him help you. Give him a call today.

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