Father knows best!!!  When it comes to Jamie Raizin that is what I say.  My dad met Mr. Raizin about 20 years ago at a closing.  My dad was represented by another attorney.  He liked the way Raizin was prepared, explained everything to his client and conducted the closing.   After the closing, when my father wanted to do an eviction, he sought out Jamie and hired him.


I can’t say the rest is history.  That would be inaccurate. My father still seeks Raizin’s skills and services.  My father has used him over and over again for sales of homes, for wills and evictions.   My dad referred Raizin to my brother and his wife for the purchase of their home.  They were both very happy with his services and that all went smoothly (especially since my sister in law was in her last trimester of pregnancy and needed no added stress).


I have referred many people to Jamie Raizin for traffic violations and criminal matters. They always have come back to me with smiles on their faces, appreciation for the referral and praise for Jamie’s work.


Last, but not least, Jamie Raizin, was there for me when I decided to take the leap into business.  I bought a pizzeria, Lombardo’s Pizza and Pasta on Division Avenue in Levittown.  Jamie set up my corporation, handled the pre-contract negotiations of the terms of the deal and terms of the lease.  He reviewed and explained the purchase agreement/contract, the note, security agreement and other documents.  The closing went smoothly.  Jamie also continued working on post-closing matters.


To this day, about 5 years later, I still hear from Jamie, about 2 to 4 times a year.  Sometimes he stops in to say hi and sometimes I get a text.


Jamie Raizin is not just a good attorney.  He does well by his clients, cares about them and it shows.


Dan  E.

Put Simply; If You Need The Job Done, Jamie Is Your Guy. He Has Earned Our Complete And Full Respect.

We have had the pleasure of an attorney-client relationship with Jamie Raizin for the past 15 years. During this time, we have been continually impressed by his levels of professionalism and care in matters involving personal, business and legal proceedings. He is patient and considerate with our time, and is willing and able to explain any legal issues and answer any questions we have.

During times of real or potential stress or hardship, working with Jamie has allowed us the comfort of knowing our best interests are being represented at every turn and has eliminated countless worries we would have otherwise experienced. The importance of this benefit to us cannot be overstated.

We have referred friends, family, business associates and customers to Jamie’s services over the years. Each time Jamie has exceeded expectations. The examples of reliability and consistency that Jamie provides are of the very highest quality.

Put simply; if you need the job done, Jamie is your guy. He has earned our complete and full respect.

Jessica & Greg S,

I Have Confidence In His Handling Many Types Of Legal Issues

Having known Jamie W. Raizin for many years, I have confidence in his handling many types of legal issues. I have referred people to him for real estate closings and traffic infractions, all with great results. Years ago, I hired Mr. Raizin for the closing on the purchase of my first home. I was nervous; not knowing what to expect. We met ahead of time and, step by step, he carefully took me though the entire process. When we met for the actual closing, everything went exactly as he had prepared and explained. The entire experience went much more quickly and smoothly than I had anticipated. People have told me horror stories about their matters when they used a different lawyer, but with Mr. Raizin it was easy, straight forward and just as he had explained. Since that time, I have referred others to him, and he is always appreciative and friendly.

Jonathan G.

Exceeded My Expectations

I appreciate your diligence in handling my traffic ticket. You exceeded my expectations and I was elated with the results. The kicker is that I was out playing golf while you were taking care of protecting my license. Thanks again.

Chris CerlenkoSuffolk County, NY

Dismissed With No Points

I was a client of Jamie Raizin. I had a [6 point] speeding ticket for going 81 in a 55 mph zone. It was dismissed with no points and no fine. I did not even have to go to court.

Edina B.Bellmore, NY

Jamie Was Fast

Jamie was fast… which is what got ME in trouble in the first place — a Fast Fun Rental Car! Jamie was professional and solution-oriented. He got my speeding ticket down to a parking ticket, which kept the ticket from hitting my insurance. He saved me gobs of money over the long haul, and his fees were reasonable. The NY Ticket Fighter, Jamie Raizin, is the next best thing to not getting caught! Get a radar detector, but if that fails, get Jamie! Drive safe, no matter what the speed…

Tony E.Ramona, California – Richmondville Town Court – Schoharie County, NY

Raizin Law

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