If you timely take a DMV-approved accident prevention course, you can reduce your driver violation point total by a maximum of four points.   Point reduction cannot reduce your point total lower than zero.

The DMV point system and insurance company “point” systems are separate and not related. Point reduction on your driving record does not affect points assigned by your insurance company for violations and accidents.

Point reduction applies only to DMV points assessed for violations that occurred (using date of violation, not the date on conviction) within the eighteen months immediately before course completion.  Therefore, it does not affect points for violations that occurred over 18 month prior to taking the course.   It also cannot be used as “credit” against future violations or points.

DMV Points may be reduced only once in any 18-month period.  Therefore, once you take the course, you must wait 18 months before you may take it again for DMV purposes.  However, you must be careful to time it all correctly because once the date of offense is over 18 months ago, you will loss the benefit of DMV point reduction.

The DMV computer system automatically applies the point reduction when your course completion is added to your record. Your record shows your convictions and the points they carry, and has a notation that you completed the course and that a reduction of up to 4 points has been applied to points on violations occurring within the previous 18 months. Your driver record does not show any calculation that includes the subtraction of the points.

An accident prevention course does not affect a driver responsibility assessment.
Therefore, the resultant point reduction does not affect a driver responsibility assessment.

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